Welcome to Football Community

1. Registered users can join the groups to publish posts and comments, and advanced users can be promoted to Tipster in the group.

2. Each group has 1 admin, 1 deputy admin and 10 tipsters. Every user can only be assigned One role in the group.

3. Admins, deputy admins, and tipsters have the permission to publish paid tips. Everyone can post no more than 10 paid tips per day (Note: Among them, up to 5 paid tips for unfinished games could be published within 48 hours).

4. When a paid tip is unlocked, the author and group admin will then receive the commission. The revenue will be distributed as follow: 50% for the author and 10% for the admin.

5. The community is strictly prohibited from publishing content that violates local laws and regulations or involving politics, violence, pornography, drugs and sensitive topics, or insulting remarks, any links and contact information.

6. Writers who post a large number of meaningless posts every day will be muted for three days or even banned from their accounts.

7. The admin is responsible for the recruitment of tipsters and the daily group management. Given the poor management, we have the right to replace the admin or close the group.

8. You can learn more about the community through Official Fan Club.

9. The community will have a maximum of 10 groups. Users who are interested in becoming an admin can contact: or >>Submit your application here<<